PHP 7.2.0 RC2 releases, fix more bug

PHP 7.2.0 RC2 was released. PHP (PHP: Hypertext Preprocessor) is a scripting language executed on a computer that is primarily used to process dynamic web pages, including the command line interface, or a graphical user interface (GUI) program. Improve the log as follows:

14 Sep 2017, PHP 7.2.0RC2

– Core:
. Fixed Bug #75142 ( check for autoconf version needs to be updated for v2.64). (zizzy at zizzy dot net, Remi)

– BCMath:
. Fixed bug #44995 (bcpowmod() fails if scale != 0). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #46781 (BC math handles minus zero incorrectly). (cmb)
. Fixed bug #54598 (bcpowmod() may return 1 if modulus is 1). (okano1220, cmb)
. Fixed bug #75178 (bcpowmod() misbehaves for non-integer base or modulus). (cmb)

– CLI server:
. Fixed bug #70470 (Built-in server truncates headers spanning over TCP packets). (bouk)

– Date:
. Fixed bug #75149 (redefinition of typedefs ttinfo and t1info). (Remi)

– GD:
. Fixed bug #75139 (libgd/gd_interpolation.c:1786: suspicious if ?). (cmb)

– Intl:
.  Fixed bug #75193 (segfault in collator_convert_object_to_string). (Remi)

– Gettext:
. Fixed bug #73730 (textdomain(null) throws in strict mode). (cmb)

– Opcache
. Fixed incorect constant conditional jump elimination. (Dmitry)

– OpenSSL
. Automatically load OpenSSL configuration file. (Jakub Zelenka)

– SPL:
. Fixed bug #75155 (AppendIterator::append() is broken when appending another AppendIterator). (Nikita)
. Fixed bug #75173 (incorrect behavior of AppendIterator::append in foreach loop). (jhdxr)

– Standard:
. Fixed bug #75152 (signed integer overflow in parse_iv). (Laruence)
. Fixed bug #75170 (mt_rand() bias on 64-bit machines). (Nikita)

– ZIP:
. Fixed bug #75143 (new method setEncryptionName() seems not to exist in ZipArchive). (Anatol)


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