PewDiePie fans attacked the Wall Street Journal website

PewDiePie fans attacked Wall Street Journal

Earlier media reports said that in order to help PewDiePie sit firmly on the most popular YouTube channel, fans used hacking methods to launch attacks on 50,000 printers around the world. But earlier today, the Wall Street Journal became the latest goal. The hacker edited a sponsorship post on the affiliate site, saying that “WallStreet Journal would like to apologize to pewdiepie.”

For this matter, a representative of WSJ clarified to the media TheVerge that they had realized the problem and launched a comprehensive investigation: “The page was owned by WSJ. Custom Solutions, a unit of the advertising arm, which is not affiliated with The Wall Street Journal newsroom.” Although the Wall Street Journal has removed this page, you can see it on the web cache.

In order to compete with the sudden rise of the T-Series, fanatic fans are also actively conducting activities online, buying billboards in Times Square and around the world to attract others to subscribe to PewDiePie’s YouTube channel.

Via: TheVerge