Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Pangu jailbreak team has been successfully jailbroken iOS 12

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The national Pangu jailbreak team has been invisible for a long time since the last release of the jailbreak tool, but this does not mean that the team will no longer develop jailbreak tools.

After a long silence, Pangu Jailbreak team members announced on Twitter that the iPhone XS had been successfully jailbroken, and the device is running the latest version of iOS 12.

The iPhone XS was chosen for a jailbreak because the device uses Apple’s A12 bionic chip, which is also the world’s first mass-produced 7nm chip.

iOS 12 Jailbreak

The Pangu team said that the jailbreaking of the iPhone XS A12 bionic chip is much more difficult than the iPhone X, so it is challenging to escape from cracking successfully.

The principle of jailbreak is to bypass the A12 bionic chip PAC pointer authentication code, which is a memory protection technology and can be avoided.

But it is still unknown whether the Pangu Jailbreak team will eventually release a new jailbreak tool. The team has not yet released any new news about the jailbreak tool.

Of course, with the gradual opening of iOS, more and more functions that need to be jailbroken can no longer need to be jailbroken, so jailbreak is not a rigid requirement.

So even if there is a perfect jailbreak tool now, how many users will continue to jailbreak?ย Users who are still interested in jailbreak can follow the follow-up news.