Sat. Jun 6th, 2020

Over 30,000 Indian routers are hijacked by hackers for cryptocurrency mining

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Recently, security company Banbreach released a report saying that in the past month, the routers in India that were hijacked by malicious mining software have doubled in a short period. As of October 5, hackers have cracked more over 30,000 routers within the country. By tracking Internet traffic and monitoring it using public IP addresses, Banbreach found that 45% of attacked routers are located in the least densely populated areas of India.

“For the top three cities with the most infected routers, the growth has been [500 percent],” Banbreach reported.

The malware that was implanted in the browser was CoinHive, and the hacker used it to call the browser of the user’s computer to dig the money. It has been reported that all computers infected with CoinHive can produce $250,000 in one month.