October 24, 2020

Opera launches a Opera Labs version with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet

1 min read

Opera finally launched a desktop version of a dedicated browser with a built-in cryptocurrency wallet – Opera Labs. But only for a select set of beta testers. This custom browser allows you to process your funds using the Ethereum blockchain and browse distributed applications (dApps) locally on their network. The company is considering having Opera Labs, a browser with cryptocurrency processing capabilities, distinguish it from its flagship product.

Ordinary users need to wait for an official release, but those with early access can now pair their desktop wallet with the desktop wallet on the Opera mobile browser. This means that whenever you want to sign a transaction or message on Ethereum, your phone device will prompt you to confirm with your fingerprint.

Opera said that the relevant wallet private key is stored on the “phone hardware and will never be transmitted.” This is a reasonably secure way to store cryptocurrencies, but of course, there are better ways to keep your money safe. Not a smartphone.

The new browser customisations currently only support currencies and applications based on Ethereum. An operator spokesman said the company was interested in extending its encryption capabilities to other blockchain networks but did not disclose any further details.