Opera 60 beta releases: based on Chromium version 73.0.3683.46

Opera 60

Opera Software today announced the first beta of the Opera 60 web browser for all supported platforms, including Windows, Linux, and macOS. Opera 60 is the next major release based on the Chromium version 73.0.3683.46 with an improved user interface, bright and dark themes. In addition, the tags are also improved to make them stand out. The entire browser is simpler and more functional. Opera 60 is also expected to be the world’s first desktop browser to support Web 3.0.

Opera 60


  • DNA-74738 [Windows] Snapshot suggestion is barely visible on dark theme with dark popups
  • DNA-75441 Authentication dialogs in dark theme
  • DNA-75511 [Dark] ‘Cookies in use’ popup is light
  • DNA-75711 Make Search box conform to new design
  • DNA-76045 Reset all open order origins in the same cases as chromium
  • DNA-76188 [Windows] Implement dark mode for ‘Add to bookmarks’ popup
  • DNA-76291 Crash at opera::BookmarksFavoriteCollection::GetRoot()
  • DNA-76298 White line under bookmark bar
  • DNA-76323 [Win|Lin] Address bar shines through communicator’s panel
  • DNA-76327 [win] Easy Setup icon should be the last one
  • DNA-76329 Remove glow from search field (“x”)
  • DNA-76348 DCHECK in toolbar_view while synchronize button is added
  • DNA-76357 Add FreedomBadApiServerBrowserTest.NotifyOfApiConnectionFailure
  • DNA-76358 Show Facebook Messenger popup while turning on with API from welcome/upgrade page
  • DNA-76364 [Revert] Don’t launch Opera on manual updates
  • DNA-76365 [Dark] Onboarding dialog for #show-all-extensions in unreadable
  • DNA-76374 Opera freezes when turning off with-feature:sd-suggestions-external
  • DNA-76387 Bookmarks popup “View in bookmarks” button doesn’t work. Developer Only
  • DNA-76390 [CryptoWallet] Turn on #crypto-wallet-new-server in all streams
  • DNA-76395 Instant Search text color is white-on-white when using dark mode
  • DNA-76413 Promote desktop-stable-73-3255 to beta
  • DNA-76431 Disable UI changes on beta