Opera 49 Developer Edition Release: New privacy model


Chromium’s Opera web browser today released a new developer version with version 49.0.2705.0, introducing a new privacy protection model and an all-in-one panel to erase most of Opera’s basic configuration.



Opera 49 is still in the developer channel, based on the recently released Chromium 62.0.3188.4 open source web browser. The latest version of Opera 49.0.2705.0 introduced a large number of practical new features, one of the most noteworthy improvement is for Linux and Windows systems provide a new privacy model.

Opera product manager Maciej Kocemba said, “Our initial online privacy model is black because of the background, and the label is white, so it may produce eye discomfort. Now the privacy model will fit the white theme, the appropriate match the black address bar.”

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