Opera 48 stable release


Opera 48 stable version of the official release, in improving the browser’s existing components and functions, based on the introduction of a large number of new features. The new version includes an enhanced version of the currency converter that supports global time zone, currency and conversion between various measurement units. The new screenshots tool allows users to intercept multiple parts of a web page. The enhanced search pop-up tool allows users to search, copy or share Selected text.

Opera EVP Desktop Krystian Kolondra said: “users only need 1 click, in the default search engine will be able to open a new tab, and highlight the keywords you need to search in the introduction of the currency converter at the same time we optimized the search pop tool.”


In addition, Opera 48 also removed the address bar and those in the search do not need to automatically complete the recommendation, from Edge and Yandex to import bookmarks. But it is worth noting that the search pop-up tool is limited to sharing macOS platform.







Opera Stable for Windows

Opera Stable for macOS

Opera Stable for Linux – deb packages

Opera Stable for Linux – RPM packages

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