OmniDB v2.16.0 releases: Web tool for database management

OmniDB is a web tool that simplifies database management focusing on interactivity, designed to be powerful and lightweight. Check-out some characteristics:

  • Web Tool: Accessible from any platform, using a browser as a medium
  • Responsive Interface: All available functions on a single page
  • Unified Workspace: Different technologies managed in a single workspace
  • Simplified Editing: Easy to add and remove connections
  • Safety: Multi-user support with encrypted personal information
  • Interactive Tables: All functionalities use interactive tables, allowing copying and pasting in blocks
  • Smart SQL Editor: Contextual SQL code completion
  • Beautiful SQL Editor: You can choose from many available color themes
  • Tabbed SQL Editor: Easily add, rename or delete editor tabs



  • Python (3.5+)
  • Django

Supported Platforms:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • OS X

Database Schema Management

OmniDB is designed for easy database management. Here are some features:

  • Tree view showing database structure

  • Powerful table creation
    • Editing capabilities:
      • Tables’ names
      • Columns: name, type and nullable
      • Primary keys and respective columns
      • Foreign keys with either table and reference columns, including updating rules and removal as well
      • Indexes

  • Table editing: Edit table structure according to DBMS limitations
  • Data management: Add, edit and remove records

  • SQL Editing
    • Syntax highlighting for SQL
    • SQL code completion for table columns and subquery
    • Multiple themes to be selected

  • Support for external tools:
  • Other features:
    • Querying organized into tables
    • DDL commands execution
    • SQL history
    • Graphs displaying tables and their relations

  • Graphs displaying complete ER diagram

  • Visualization of explain plan
  • PL/pgSQL function debugger (requires a plugin, please see here)

OmniDB v2.16 releases.


  • New features:
    • Monitoring Dashboard: Graph monitor unit type
    • Monitoring Dashboard: New standard units: TPS, WAL Production and Replication Graph
    • PostgreSQL TreeView: New groups for partitioned and inherited tables
    • PostgreSQL Debugger Plugin: Support for PostgreSQL running on OSX
    • Server: Support to run OmniDB on a custom URL path
    • Snippets: Run Snippet in Connection
  • Improvements:
    • UI usability:
      • Add Connection list in (+) menu of outer tabs
      • Show red X on tabs only on mouse hover
      • Color icons in Dark Theme
      • Release Notes outer tab now stay closed and only open upon next upgrade
    • Other improvements:
      • Included procedures in Advanced Object Search for PostgreSQL 11
  • Important changes:
    • PostgreSQL Debugger Plugin: Requires a host connection on all platforms
  • Deployment:
    • OmniDB server and PostgreSQL debugger plugin packages under Debian PGDG repository (thanks to Christoph Berg @df7cb )
  • Bug fixes:
    • Fixed #768: Monitoring – some units fail on a standby server
    • Fixed #836: SELECT … INTO is not allowed here
    • Fixed #845: Partitioned relation indexes
    • Fixed #938: Password in connection string not used
    • Fixed #940: Unable to change column width of query results
    • Fixed #960: Snippet TreeView not rendering properly
    • Fixed #970: Focus on change Query Tab names
    • Fixed #981: Updatable chart titles
    • Fixed #990: Cleanup of inactive web socket clients