September 25, 2020

Office for Mac Insider Fast builds has new icons

1 min read

Following the launch of the new Office 365 icon last week at, the latest version of Office Insider Fast for Mac has also received a new version of the icon, which you can see in the image below. In addition to enabling the new version of the icon, the latest preview version of Office for Mac has redesigned the Outlook contact card and fixed the calendar program.

Microsoft launched the new Office 365 icon in November last year, including 10 Office components such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint that we are familiar with. We will have the first visual logo redesigned since 2013 to create a simple, powerful and intelligent Office 365. The new design follows the Fluent Design style that Windows 10 has promoted in the past two years. The full update log is below

Version: 16.24 (190303)


  • Calendar – Contact photos no longer missing in calendar popover
  • Calendar – VO fixes for announcing time/date information while traversing calendar events
  • Calendar – Outlook reverts to Grid view when using List view on each relaunch (or new Main Window)

New or improved features:

  • Redesigned contact card:

    • Dark Mode support (macOS Mojave required)
    • Distribution List (DL) support, including viewing DL members and owners
    • Card is displayed on mouse single click or spacebar key press only (no mouse hover)
  • Safe Links are now supported