NVIDIA Unveils Ada Lovelace-Based Professional Graphics Cards for Workstations

Following the unveiling of the GPU design codenamed “Ada Lovelace” at last year’s GTC event, NVIDIA announced at GTC 2023 the launch of professional graphics cards incorporating the “Ada Lovelace” architecture, tailored for workstation-grade laptops and PCs.

The professional graphics cards targeting workstation-grade laptops encompass the NVIDIA RTX 5000, NVIDIA RTX 4000, NVIDIA RTX 3500, NVIDIA RTX 3000, and NVIDIA RTX 2000 series. By reducing power consumption by approximately 50%, these cards deliver enhanced graphical performance.

For workstation-grade PCs, NVIDIA introduced the RTX 4000 Small Form Factor (SFF), featuring the Ada Lovelace architecture and equipped with 20GB of video memory. Boasting superior performance compared to competitors, the compact design caters to mini workstation PCs.

Additional features include support for DLSS 3, Max-Q, and RTX-related technologies. NVIDIA Studio software empowers creators to craft visually stunning works, apply digital twins, design virtual visual content, or meet live streaming demands. Compared to previous generations, collaboration and simulation performance on the NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise platform are over four times greater.

Workstation laptops and PCs with Ada Lovelace architecture-based professional graphics cards are expected to be released in late March by BOXX, HP, and Lenovo, while the RTX 4000 Small Form Factor graphics cards will be available from OEMs like Leadtek, PNY, and Ryoyo Electro beginning in April, with a suggested retail price of $1,250, and broader availability alongside additional workstation models in the second half of the year.