Nvidia releases DLSS 3.1.0 SDK

Recently, NVIDIA quietly released the NVIDIA DLSS 3.1.0 SDK, which has been updated on GitHub and is available for download by all developers. It adds some features and provides an updated guide for developers who want to enable NVIDIA DLSS features in their games.

F1 22 DLSS 3
The NVIDIA DLSS development team has provided new samples for Linux and Windows applications, as well as new precompiled DLSS libraries with some interesting features for games to use. The content of this update includes:
  • Added ability to stay up-to-date with the latest DLSS improvements
  • Added ability to customize DLSS based on different scaling ratios and game content.
  • Updated DLSS Programming Guide for new API additions
  • Performance and Optimization fixes
  • Bug Fixes & Stability Improvements
One of the important points of this update is the ability to keep NVIDIA DLSS updated. A feature called “NVSDK_NGX_UpdateFeature” will allow game developers to request the latest OTA update for the NVIDIA DLSS library. While there have been some workarounds in the past, this is clearly the better option, provided developers opt for it.
If support for this feature becomes more widespread, it will mean that Nvidia will be able to deliver more NVIDIA DLSS updates in many games. However, the testing of the game will become more complicated, because there may be more changes in the version of NVIDIA DLSS. NVIDIA also mentioned in the updated NVIDIA DLSS SDK programming guide that developers can choose from a variety of presets. In addition, NVIDIA DLSS 3.1.0 SDK also supports NVIDIA DLSS 2 games.