Wed. Jul 15th, 2020

NVIDIA fixes several vulnerabilities on Nvidia graphic drivers

1 min read

In the recent GeForce 441.12 release, NVIDIA fixed several undisclosed high-risk vulnerabilities, and these vulnerabilities also existed in Quadro, NVS, and Tesla’s Windows drivers.

Nowadays, the graphics card driver on Windows has more and more components, and there are many compatible games. There are many functions to be provided, so the code is more and more complicated, and the volume of the whole driver is getting larger and larger. Some security issues or compatibility issues are also common. In these 9 vulnerabilities, 4 high-risk vulnerabilities are found in nvlddmkm.sys, a kernel-state file that interacts directly with the NT kernel. It’s all caused by small negligence in the code. Most of these vulnerabilities can lead to denial of service attacks or malicious privileges.

These vulnerabilities have been fixed in the official version of GeForce 441.12. If you have relatively high requirements for system security, please update your graphics card driver as soon as possible to prevent loss or information leakage caused by these vulnerabilities. If Tesla, Quadro, NVS, etc. are using R430 or older versions of the family driver, you need to wait for the driver update that will be released on November 18.