November 26, 2020

Nokia: the number of IoT devices being attacked is significantly increasing

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Nokia recently released the latest security threat intelligence. In the threat intelligence, Nokia stated that the attack rate of Internet equipment continues to rise due to poor security protection.

Among these Internet devices that have been attacked by the Internet, the total proportion of Internet of Things devices has reached 33%, and in 2019, the proportion of Internet of Things devices is 16%.

It is worth noting that the Internet of Things devices that are attacked by the network are usually those that directly obtain public IP addresses, and these devices are directly exposed to the Internet.

With the rapid rise of 5G networks, the Internet of Everything is also rapidly emerging. In the era of the Internet of Everything, the number of Internet of Things devices has increased significantly, so the number of attacks will also increase.

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Nokia’s chief digital officer said that the proliferation of the Internet of Things devices provides ample opportunities for attackers to exploit vulnerabilities, which will seriously endanger the security of the entire Internet.

Security threat intelligence mainly studies how cybercriminals use the new crown pneumonia epidemic to launch cyberattacks, and attackers use people’s fear to spread malware.

The vulnerabilities of IoT devices are still the most serious. IoT devices usually have low firmware updates and security vulnerabilities cannot be fixed in time.

These vulnerabilities are easily exploited by attackers. At the same time, the default passwords used by many IoT devices have not been modified, and attackers can even directly infect them.

Infected IoT devices are usually used to set up botnets, launch DDoS attacks, infiltrate home and corporate intranets, and use computing power for mining.

With the rapid increase in infections, the potential problems brought by these Internet of Things devices are getting bigger and bigger, and if they are not defended, they will eventually endanger the security of the Internet.

Nokia’s report reminds consumers that they must strengthen their own network security protection, and also reminds IoT device manufacturers that they need to pay attention to the security of IoT devices.