Nodemailer v6.3.1 releases, Node.js mail sending component


Nodemailer is an easy-to-use Node.JS mail delivery module (via SMTP, sendmail, or Amazon SES) that supports Unicode and you can use any of your favorite character sets.



  • Zero dependence
  • Pay attention to safety
  • Supports Unicode encoding
  • Support Window system environment
  • Support for HTML content and plain text content
  • Support upload attachments
  • Support for embedding images in HTML content
  • Support SSL / STARTTLS secure mail delivery
  • Supports transmission in addition to built-in SMTP support
  • Sign in with DKIM
  • Support for custom plugin handling messages
  • Support Sane OAuth2 certification
  • Support for proxy SMTP connections
  • Support ES6 code
  • Supports automatic generation of email test accounts from

Nodemailer v6.3.1 releases


  • Ignore “end” events because it might be “error” after it (dex4er) [72bade9]
  • Set username and password on the connection proxy object correctly (UsamaAshraf) [250b1a8]
  • Support more DNS errors (madarche) [2391aa4]