Nginx stable version 1.40.0 released

Nginx stable version 1.40.0 has been released, this version has added many new features, and also fixed bugs

Changes with nginx 1.14.0 17 Apr 2018

  • *) 1.14.x stable branch.

Changes with nginx 1.13.12 10 Apr 2018

  • *) Bugfix: connections with gRPC backends might be closed unexpectedly when returning a large response.

Changes with nginx 1.13.11 03 Apr 2018

  • *) Feature: the “proxy_protocol” parameter of the “listen” directive now supports the PROXY protocol version 2.
  • *) Bugfix: nginx could not be built with OpenSSL 1.1.1 statically on Linux.
  • *) Bugfix: in the “http_404”, “http_500”, etc. parameters of the “proxy_next_upstream” directive.


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