Thu. Aug 13th, 2020

New rendering vulnerabilities in Apple Safari can crashes the iOS devices

1 min read

Apple’s Safari browser is often vulnerable to triggering by certain characters, but usually, this type of crash-type vulnerability does not cause data loss.

Recently, researchers have found a new problem with the Safari browser, which crashes due to the engine not being able to filter the image and causing too much memory properly.

However, IE browser and Microsoft Edge browser loading may also be abnormal, and interested users can open the page test to see it.

The researcher used a straightforward code on the web page to load the same image on the page, and the images were nested directly via BASE64 encryption.

Because the number of images loaded at the same time is too large, the memory is full and crashes. The main impact of the test is Apple‘s Safari browser.

Also, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge browser may display an error after a few seconds, but it will not cause the entire browser to crash directly.

Google Chrome and Firefox will not be affected by this vulnerability, although even this will take up a lot of memory like Safari.