New issues with iOS 12 beta continue to remind users to upgrade to newer versions

New issues with iOS 12 beta continue to remind users to upgrade to newer versions

Users who have upgraded the latest beta version of iOS 12 may have noticed that the system is continually popping up, although there is no new version, the system still requires an upgrade.

When the user locks the screen, as long as the unlock is performed, the iOS 12 immediately pops up, and continuously locks and unlocks the screen or does not slow down all the time.

At the same time, if you pull down the notification from the top of the screen after the drop-down menu pops up, iOS 12 will pop up a prompt box again asking the user to upgrade the new version as soon as possible.

Of course, even if you go to the system update, you will find that the latest version is currently available. The best way to say the solution is to roll back to the old version of iOS 12 through the backup.

However, it is estimated that no users will back up before each beta upgrade, so the way to roll back through backup is not suitable for too many users.

Adjusting time may be a good choice:

Some developers think that this problem is mainly because iOS 12 believes that the current test version is about to expire, so it will continue to prompt users to upgrade to the new version immediately.

So the temporary solution is to adjust the system time forward a few days and turn off the automatic timing, which allows the system to think that the system has not expired yet.

At present, Apple has not stated this matter, but because of the users it encounters, it is estimated that Apple will immediately release a new version to solve this problem.