NetworkManager 1.10.8 release, network management daemon


NetworkManager 1.10.8 has been released and NetworkManager is a network management daemon that tries to make network configuration and operations as easy and automatic as possible by managing major network connections and other network interfaces. The information about the network is output to any application that is of interest to the D-Bus interface, providing a rich set of APIs to check and control network settings and operations.

Key features include deep integration into the GNOME project, especially the GNOME Panel’s system tray applet and the GNOME Control Center application, extendable through a wide range of plugins, as well as integration into other apps and desktop environments.

The application supports Ethernet (Wired), Wi-Fi (Wireless), network proxy, PPPoE (Point-to-point protocol over Ethernet), as well as VPN (Virtual Private Network) connections though OpenConnect, OpenVPN, PPTP (Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol) and VPNC (Virtual Private Network Consortium) protocols.

The software is powered by D-Bus open source inter-process communication system and it’s comprised of the main daemon and a dedicated applet, which allows end-users to interact with the program.

Supports only Wired, Wireless and Network Proxy connections

By default, the application only supports the Wired, Wireless and Network Proxy connections. In order to support all the aforementioned network connections, it relies on a powerful plugin architecture.

You will be able to quickly view basic information about a certain network connection, such as link speed, IP Address, the hardware address (MAC), default route (gateway), and DNS (Domain Name System).

In addition, it allows users to change security/authentication information, change or clone MAC address, select a different MTU (Maximum Transmission Unit), firewall zone, as well as IPv4 and IPv6 settings.

VPNC, PPTP, OpenVPN, Openswan, and OpenConnect are supported through plugins

Available plugins include NetworkManager-VPNC, NetworkManager-PPTP, NetworkManager-OpenVPN, NetworkManager-Openswan, and NetworkManager-OpenConnect. They can be easily installed from the default software channels of your Linux distribution.

These days, NetworkManager is installed by default in many Linux-based operating systems, as the main network connection management utility. It supports GNOME, Xfce, Cinnamon, MATE, Unity and LXDE desktop environments.

Because it is integrated into GNOME Control Center in GNOME 3 or later, the graphical user interface is different on non-GNOME desktops, but it provides users with almost the same functionality.


  • Fix connection timeout processing (bgo #794464)
  • Retry device activation during parent management (rh#1553595)
  • Correctly set rp_filter value (rh#1565529)
  • Make sure teamd restarts after restart (rh#1551958)
  • Better handle DHCP expiration (bgo #783391)
  • Repair the IPv6 configuration on the primary interface (rh#1575944)
  • Various other bug fixes, including possible crashes
  • Update translation


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