Neo4j 3.4.0 released, graphical database


Neo4j is a popular graphical database that has been adopted by thousands of organizations. It is a high-performance graphics store that has all the features of a mature and powerful database, such as friendly query languages and ACID transactions. It stores structured data on the web rather than tables while enjoying a flexible data structure while still having all the advantages of an enterprise-class database. For most applications, Neo4j provides an order of magnitude superior performance compared to relational databases.

Changelog v3.4.0

  • Writes are now up to 5x faster for nodes with indexed string properties, thanks to native string indexes.
  • A new kernel API streamlines internal instructions.
  • New supported data types include date/time format and 3D geospatial data, enabling optimized Cypher queries for searches across time or space. The 3D geospatial search understands both Cartesian Latitude and Longitude coordinates, as well as radial distances and altitude or depth.
  • Transaction states consume less memory thanks to various efficiency improvements (including native indexing) working together.
  • Internal testing shows that Cypher runtime is 20% faster than for Neo4j 3.3 (Community Edition).



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