Neo4j 3.3.4 released, graphical database


Neo4j is a popular graphical database that has been adopted by thousands of organizations. It is a high-performance graphics store that has all the features of a mature and powerful database, such as friendly query languages and ACID transactions. It stores structured data on the web rather than tables while enjoying a flexible data structure while still having all the advantages of an enterprise-class database. For most applications, Neo4j provides an order of magnitude superior performance compared to relational databases.


  • Kernel

    • Fixes as issue with applying index updates to unique indexes #11009
    • Traversal endpoint script execution is now disabled by default, by introducing the setting, and making it false by default. #11078
    • 3.1 Resolved inc backup debug.logs wrong location #11104
    • 3.2 Resolved inc backup debug.logs wrong location #11106
    • 3.3 Resolved inc backup debug.logs wrong location #11107


    • Fix bug where shortestPath unnecessarily required named nodes #10995
    • Fixes incorrect planning of pattern comprehension inside unwind #11008
    • Fix offset bug in periodic commit #11027
    • Close procedure streams on failures #11036
    • Fixes bug with unsupported default value for explicit.remove procedures #11113
    • Fix Node X not found exceptions arising when searching an explicit index which contains nodes that have been deleted. #11133
    • Fixed performance regression with user-defined functions that expand paths #11162



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