Sat. Aug 15th, 2020

Mozilla is integrating Google Translate in Firefox

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Did you know that the Firefox browser has translation capabilities similar to Google Chrome? Most Firefox users may not notice it because it is not enabled by default and is not highlighted in options or the user interface.

After integrating Bing Translator and Yandex translation, Mozilla has now begun to include Google Translate support in Firefox’s built-in translation engine.

Enter about:config in the Firefox address bar, then search for translation, users can find translation engine related options, Firefox browser’s built-in translation engine is Bing, it does not support Google translation, and Bing translation is actually in the browser. It also does not work correctly.

  • browser.translation.detectLanguage — set this to True to have Firefox detect a page’s language.
  • browser.translation.engine — determines which translation service Firefox uses. Supported are Google, Bing and Yandex.
  • — defines whether Firefox will display the translation user interface when foreign language sites are opened. Set to True to show the UI, False to hide it.

The API access key required for Google Translate is only available to paying users, and it’s unclear whether Mozilla will reach a deal with Google using API keys, or need users to use their API key to access Google Translate.

Source, Image: ghacks