Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Mozilla Firefox v66 officially released

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Firefox browser, which is dedicated to protecting user privacy, has released a new version. This update brings some new features and many details. At present, Mozilla has no releases the Firefox v66 changelog, but it can be downloaded in advance on the server, users can manually download and then upgrade. Many users care about the automatic blocking of the website to play video content with audio this time also officially arrived, the default will prevent the website from automatically playing a variety of sounds.

What’s new on Firefox 66

1. Block Autoplay: This Firefox version automatically mutes media that is playing sound. To prevent that from happening in your favorite sites, you can able to add a list of sites to exceptions.

Visit Menu > Options > Settings  > Privacy & Security >Permissions,

Click ‘Exceptions’ for “Block websites from automatically playing sound”. The block websites from automatically playing Setting is enabled by default, unchecking may end up receiving more noise from news sites that auto lay videos when you visit.

2. Search improvements: As we’ve covered you can now able search through your open tabs in Firefox by selecting the option in the overflow menu.

The company added a search box to a private browsing window where the focus will be immediately shifted to address bar when you input something in the search bar.

3.  The Scroll anchoring introduced in this version prevents the content from jumping when the page is loading.

4. To improve stability and performance, the company has increased the content process from 4 to 8.

5. Certificate error pages have been redesigned so that they’re now more understandable and allows users to make informed decisions, including in identifying the certificate issuers for antivirus software.

6. Added basic support for Mac OS touch bar.

7. Some users may receive a new tab page with Pocket stories in different layouts, this is an experiment.

8. Windows hello support added to let users sign into websites with their face or fingerprint or security keys.

9. Firefox dark and light themes on Windows 10 now override accent color setting for the title bar.

10. The company fixed an issue for Linux version that caused Firefox to freeze while downloading files.

11. You can now assign new keyboard shortcuts to extensions in Firefox, visit about:addons > Extensions, click on the tools menu and choose “Manage Extension Shortcuts”.

The release notes for version 66 will be available here when released.