September 26, 2020

Mozilla Firefox 71 is available for downloading

1 min read

Before the official release tomorrow, users can download the stable update of Firefox 71 in advance through the official Mozilla server. Although the update of Firefox 71 is not very big, it brings some interesting new features, such as the new kiosk mode, which directly opens the web browser in full screen without any distracting elements.

Another interesting feature introduced in Firefox 71 is the picture-in-picture mode in Windows, which allows video elements on the page to pop up into a floating window, which can be resized and set to “keep on top”, located in front of all desktop windows and not blocked by other windows.

Most importantly, Firefox 71 promises to redesign the about: config internal configuration page, bring more features and more detailed information through Certificate Viewer, and introduce new server-timing information in the web panel of the development tool, allowing web pages Developers analyze other service-related timings for request and response details.