MongooseJS 4.13.1 release, MongoDB object modeling

MongooseJS 4.13.1 released, MongooseJS is to use JavaScript programming package MongoDB database connection, the MongoDB document data model becomes graces, convenient for MongoDB document database connections and other conventional data CRUD operations.


  • fix: accept multiple paths or array of paths to depopulate #5798 #5797 adamreisnz
  • fix(document): pass default array as an actual array rather than taking first element #5780
  • fix(model): increment version when $set-ing it in a save() that requires a version bump #5779
  • fix(query): don’t explicitly project in discriminator key if user projected in parent path #5775 #5754
  • fix(model): cast query option to geoNear() #5765
  • fix(query): don’t treat projection with just $slice as inclusive #5737
  • fix(discriminator): defer applying embedded discriminator hooks until the top-level model is compiled #5706
  • docs(discriminator): add a warning to always attach hooks before calling discriminator() #5706


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