MongooseJS 5.0.0 release, MongoDB object modeling


MongooseJS 5.0.0 released, MongooseJS is to use JavaScript programming package MongoDB database connection, the MongoDB document data model becomes graces, convenient for MongoDB document database connections and other conventional data CRUD operations.


  • BREAKING CHANGE: always use mongoose aggregation cursor when using .aggregate().cursor() #5941
  • BREAKING CHANGE: attach query middleware when compiling model #5939
  • BREAKING CHANGE: emitIndexErrors is on by default, failing index build will throw uncaught error if not handled #5910
  • BREAKING CHANGE: remove precompiled browser bundle #5895
  • feat: add mongoose.pluralize() function #5877
  • BREAKING CHANGE: remove passRawResult option for findOneAndUpdate, use rawResult #5869
  • BREAKING CHANGE: implicit async validators (based on number of function args) are removed, return a promise instead #5824
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