MongooseJS 5.1.5 release, MongoDB object modeling


MongooseJS 5.1.5 released, MongooseJS is to use JavaScript programming package MongoDB database connection, the MongoDB document data model becomes graces, convenient for MongoDB document database connections and other conventional data CRUD operations.


  • docs(guide): rework query helper example #6575 lineus
  • fix(populate): handle virtual populate with embedded discriminator under single nested subdoc #6571
  • docs: add string option to projections that call query select #6563 lineus
  • style: use ES6 in collection.js #6560 l33ds
  • fix(populate): add virtual ref function ability getModelsMapForPopulate #6559 #6554 lineus
  • docs(queries): fix link #6557 sun1x
  • fix(schema): rename indexes -> getIndexes to avoid webpack duplicate declaration #6547
  • fix(document): support toString() as custom method #6538
  • docs: add @instance for instance methods to be more compliant with JSDoc #6516 treble-snake
  • fix(populate): avoid converting to map when using mongoose-deep-populate #6460
  • docs(browser): create new browser docs page #6061


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