Microsoft Win10 compromise! Kaspersky withdrew antitrust lawsuit


Since last year, antivirus software maker Kaspersky’s fight against Microsoft’s free Windows Defender has not stopped, and in the EU, Germany, Russia’s antitrust authorities to use, and now Kaspersky has renounced the complaint, mainly because Microsoft made a compromise, will be in the Win10 autumn creative update system released after the change.


Kaspersky complains that when third-party anti-virus or protection software expires, Microsoft will automatically open Windows Defender. In addition, sometimes the Win10 update will Kaspersky from the system to force the removal, and then open Windows Defender, the user complaints Kaspersky did not adopt the Win10 system. Kaspersky also complained that in the seven days before Windows 10 was released, independent software developers gave them software to make it compatible with the new operating system, which left too little time to ensure that their applications were Compatible.

Microsoft does not deny these questions but claims that it is designed to ensure that Win10 users are guaranteed continuous anti-virus coverage, even if their antivirus expires or become incompatible due to Windows updates.

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