Microsoft tested the new Cortana user interface, the Bing search results directly to the desktop

Microsoft’s integration of Cortana and Windows 10 desktops into the taskbar brings a lot of features to enable users to quickly view daily work or voice commands. Cortana comes with a feature of the Internet search function, but this feature is not easy to use, Microsoft is currently testing the updated version, may change this phenomenon.

At present, any search results displayed by Cortana still require users to open them in the Edge browser. Therefore, the user simply abandons the search in Cortana, directly open the browser to search. However, with Microsoft update the user interface, Microsoft is working to achieve a double pane system, a simple click allows users to extend the search results through Bing, and from the desktop itself to view the relevant information.

This not only allows you to check information such as currency conversion and other queries without opening the browser, and the new pane also appears to contain the different tags found in the Bing search engine, allowing users to quickly view images and videos.

The update is currently being tested, and a Reddit user has captured a screenshot of the new user interface and shared it with users around the world. Most other users are unlikely to see the new user interface in the near future, and Microsoft may simply decide to hold the idea and continue to maintain the original user interface.