September 25, 2020

Microsoft rolls out cumulative update to fix VPN connection issues in Windows 10 v1903/1909

1 min read

Earlier we mentioned that Microsoft’s cumulative update released to Windows 10 caused network problems, which could cause abnormal VPN virtual private network connections.

It is manifested that when a user attempts to connect or disconnect the VPN network, the network of the entire system will be abnormal, and this problem will also affect the network connection of many software.

In view of this problem, Microsoft confirmed that it was developing a fix after confirming the problem, and the temporary solution was to restart the network to restore the network connection.


Although it only fixes VPN network connection issues, KB4554364 is still a cumulative update, which includes all the content included in the cumulative update previously released by Microsoft.

This update is mainly to fix VPN network connection problems and there are no other improvements, but this update is also a C / D cumulative update with a testing nature. Therefore, please do not install unless you are affected by this problem, so as to fix the network connection problem.