November 24, 2020

Microsoft rolled out the running Android App function on Your Phone app to everyone

2 min read

Earlier, Microsoft announced that it would update Your Phone application to support the use of Android applications on Windows 10 computers in the form of independent windows after connecting to Android devices.

Although this is not a virtual machine or virtualization to run Android applications, the effect is basically the same: allowing users to run Android applications directly on the computer.

The principle is actually the screen mirroring function, that is, the application running on Android is mirrored to the computer, and it also supports the use of the mouse, keyboard, and touchpad for operation.

Previously, Microsoft only provided this feature in the Windows 10 beta version, so it can only be used by installing Your Phone app while using Windows 10 beta version.

After a period of testing, Microsoft believes that the new version and new features have stabilized, so now these features are now available to the stable version of Windows 10.

Of course, the main update is Your Phone application. The functions that were originally in the beta version of Your Phone application are now pushed to the stable version, and the application can be updated in the Microsoft Store.

After the upgrade is complete, you can use this function by connecting and pairing with a supported Android device. It should be noted that the device and the computer must be connected to the same WiFi to use.

Although this feature has been provided to all users, only Samsung devices are supported in terms of supported Android devices, and other devices currently do not support this feature.

The reason is that running Android application functions requires the device manufacturer to deeply integrate Microsoft services in the firmware, and installing Your Phone companion application directly cannot meet this requirement.

In other words, old Android devices may not support this feature, and only after subsequent Android device manufacturers cooperate with Microsoft can they get support.

So overall, this feature still looks a bit tasteless, after all, not many of the 1 billion Windows 10 users use Samsung Android devices.