Microsoft releases new design for OneNote that looks prettier with Windows 11 mica material design

If you use OneNote, you may already know that the UWP version of OneNote will be cut off in the future, that is, the UWP version is merged with the desktop version, which is similar to Microsoft cutting off the mail app and focusing on updating the Outlook Win32 version.

Now that the Win32 version of OneNote has been updated, the new version does look better with Windows 11 Mica material design. Of course, the bad news is that this also means that the UWP version of OneNote is getting closer and closer to being cut.

The new design for OneNote focuses on bringing a more modern look, including rounded corners and new transition animations. After all, the previous OneNote version seems to be too different from other components of Office, so Microsoft took the time to renovate the entire OneNote, and the new version is pushed to the users of the Office Insider Beta channel. After users participate in this channel update, they can see a new style.

In terms of functions, digital ink notes and new drawing tabs have been added. Microsoft will add more new features in the future, such as note history, focus view, etc. Simply put, Microsoft wants to turn OneNote into a stylus-first experience, which is great news for tablet users.

Via: windowslatest