Microsoft released Windows Server preview version Build 16267


Following the release of the Build 16257 update two weeks ago, Microsoft released the Windows Server Insider preview version of Build 16267 again today, but it is regrettable that Microsoft has not “provided any new features”.


In the update log, Microsoft for the new version has brought a regular system upgrade:

Developers and Containers:

● New container image (currently on the Windows Insider Docker Hub library)

○ Optimized Nano Server base mirroring

◎ The .NET team provides a preview image with .NET Core 2.0 based on the Nano Server

◎ PowerShell team based on PowerShell 6.0 provides a preview version of the mirror

○ Optimized Server Code Base Mirror (20% small)

● Supports SMB volume control

● Orchestrators framework

○ Provides network optimization for evolving Kubernetes

○ Supports pipe mapping

● BUG repair, performance optimization

Cloud Guest:


○ TLS information: Administrator allows the development of special recommendations default to use HTTPS

● Disaster recovery

○ store Replica Test error

● Better integration of Guest and Host

○ vPMEM in Guest: Tenants can use and manage PMEM / SCM

○ Tenant-Aware VM Start Ordering: App Ready / OS Heartbeat for better load balancing.

○ Guest RDMA

Improved time accuracy

○ Azure cluster: Optimize running Azure IaaS

Cloud Host:

● Software Defined Data Center (SDDC) host

○ safe

○ Protected Linux VM

○ SDN: Encrypted virtual network

○ Security cluster

○ Turn off SMB 1 by default

● recovery and accessibility

○ SDN: Reduces the Tenant connection down speed through gateways

Space Direct: Scoped Spaces Reduce multi-node loss

○ Space Direct: Marginal disk processing disk error detection

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