Microsoft released Windows 10 SDK build 16278 preview


Microsoft has just released the Windows 10 SDK build 16278 preview version of the download link, together with the 15240 compiler version of the “Mobile Simulator” (Mobile Emulator). It should be noted that the latter has long been with the August 22 Windows 10 SDK build 16267 preview version and appeared. Unfortunately, Microsoft did not disclose more new details about Windows 10 Mobile.


Windows 10 SDK build 16278 has a known problem that can not compile applications on non-Windows 10 platforms. Of course, the problem only appears on the target system with compiled version 16278.

In addition, Microsoft announced another major change in build 16278:

 The ecmangen.exe was removed from the software development kit and will not be included in the future. As for relying on ecmangen.exe to create a list of events for developers, it is recommended that you install Windows Creators Edition to get the file.

Developers also create a list with Notepad or other XML editors, then a modal file on MSDN can help with the tools it supports.

Of course, since Microsoft announced its ‘platform is complete’ in July, the SDK will focus on bug fixes rather than new features before the fall creator updates.

Windows 10 SDK Preview Download:

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