Fri. Aug 14th, 2020

Microsoft announces the launch of Microsoft Quantum Network

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At present, quantum computing is still in a very early stage of research and practice. To promote the development of quantum computing naturally requires the cooperation of global community forces. Microsoft has officially announced the launch of Microsoft’s own quantum network, a global community of quantum computing promoted by community members and Microsoft. Quantum Network members will work with Microsoft to research and launch quantum computing application hardware, including quantum development toolkits for quantum programming and algorithms.

Other parts of the Microsoft Quantum Network

  • Start-up community: Startups with quantum computing as their core research are invited by Microsoft to collaborate with Microsoft to develop practical applications to accelerate the adoption of quantum networks. The Microsoft Quantum Network Startup Community can also collaborate with Microsoft to successfully create a new quantum network company to help quantum network startups build development solutions.
  • Community Affiliates: The Microsoft Quantum Network Community Alliance works primarily with Microsoft to develop quantum computing solutions that benefit businesses and industries.
  • Center: Microsoft collaborates with the Center of Excellence in the Global Quantum Network Community to advance research and development in quantum computing and advancement in education.
  • Developers: Developers looking to learn quantum computing, Q# programming, and quantum algorithms can get free resource tutorials in the Quantum Development Kit.

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