September 21, 2020

Microsoft pushes KB4558130 Intel microcode updates to Windows 10 v1903 and later

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Spectre and Meltdown series vulnerabilities are security vulnerabilities in Intel processors, mainly caused by speculative execution used by Intel Hyper-Threading technology.

This series of security vulnerabilities pose a great threat to enterprises and data centers. The main reason is that various key security information such as encryption keys can be stolen from memory.

Of course, these potential security impacts also exist for ordinary users, at least most users think that they do not have any important security information and therefore do not care much.

Spectre variant

Another reason why ordinary users are unwilling to install microcode updates is that such updates will affect processor performance, and the performance of some functions even plummeted by as much as 70%.

The so-called microcode updates are patches made by Intel. These patches can alleviate speculative execution vulnerabilities, but the vulnerabilities cannot be completely repaired at the hardware level.

After users install such microcode updates, they can improve their defense capabilities, which is very important for enterprises and large data centers, so the official recommendation is also to install the microcode update.

This new microcode update is for Windows 10 v1903 and later. From a security perspective, we still recommend that ordinary users install such updates.