September 25, 2020

Microsoft Office will support mouse and trackpad for iPadOS

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In the previous update, Apple has brought mouse support to the iPad, and with an external keyboard and mouse, it has improved operating efficiency and productivity for iPad users.

Of course, after Apple supports mouse operation, software developers also need to adapt, for example, Microsoft announced that it will adapt the mouse and touchpad for iPadOS.

According to the roadmap released by Microsoft, it is expected that in the fall, Microsoft will provide support for an external mouse and keyboard touchpad for Microsoft Office for iPadOS.

new iPad Pro

Apple’s goal is to position iPad devices with larger screens as productivity devices, allowing users to work directly with the iPad without the need for a traditional computer.

But obviously working on a touch-screen device may not be a good idea. In the end, Apple brought mouse support to this type of tablet computer to improve user efficiency.

In addition to the mouse operation, Microsoft Office software will also support the touchpad. If the external keyboard used by the user has a touchpad, it will also be supported.

Via: theverge