October 24, 2020

Microsoft Office Insider Build 13020.20004 brings some functional fixes

1 min read

Microsoft has released an update for the Microsoft Office Insider Build 13020.20004. This update does not introduce any new features, but it has fixed a large number of existing problems. The following is the official update log:

Office 2016 service October 2023


  • We fixed an issue where the linked table manager would prompt for a primary key if a linked SQL table was refreshed.
  • We fixed an issue where queries in the Query Editor scrolled out of view.
  • We fixed an issue where query execution was taking approximately twice as long to complete than expected.


  • We fixed an issue where users were unable to ‘Send As’ or ‘Send on behalf’ of a distribution list.
  • We fixed an issue where inserting an image inline in a message, then saving the message as a draft would result in a resizing of the image.
  • We fixed an issue that caused the body of an NDR message to change from Unicode to ASCII after editing the subject.


  • We fixed an issue where Project Planner links in Government Community Cloud environments had been disabled.

Office Suite

  • We fixed an issue where text inserted in a Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) was illegible after inserting it in a Word, Excel, or PowerPoint file, saving and closing the file, and then re-opening the file.