Wed. Feb 26th, 2020

Microsoft multi-factor authentication system fails to affect a large number of users

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Last week’s failure of Microsoft’s multi-factor authentication system affected the normal login of users, and unfortunately, the authentication system has failed again.

The multi-factor authentication system mainly provides the user with two-step verification to protect the account security, but if the service fails, the normal user can not use the services.

Microsoft accounts physical security keys

Multiple services, including Office 365, cannot be logged in:

Currently affected by the failure of the multi-factor authentication system, a large number of Microsoft Office 365 subscribers cannot log in to their subscription accounts.

Originally, these users enabled multi-factor authentication to ensure account security. As a result, these two failures once again highlight the fact that cloud-based authentication is sometimes unreliable.

Microsoft officials said that the failure was actually a sequel to the system that was not completely repaired. It seems that Microsoft is causing problems in adjusting the authentication system.

The timetable released by Microsoft shows that the company will redeploy and test the verification system to ensure that there will be no more frequent failures.

Online multi-factor authentication is safer but sometimes cumbersome:

The advantage of enabling multi-factor authentication is that even if you reveal your password, someone else will not be able to log in to your account through your account and password.

Originally Microsoft used Google Authenticator to validate with a time-based verification code, and later Microsoft developed its own comprehensive Authenticator.

Compared with the offline time-based verification code, the Microsoft Authenticator Network obtains a confirmation notification without requiring the user to manually input a six-digit verification code or the like.

Via: theregister