Tue. Jul 7th, 2020

Microsoft Launcher on Android removes Cortana

2 min read

Microsoft Launcher is an Android app from Microsoft. This app is a relatively successful application in Microsoft. However, compared to the original efficient and simple, the current Microsoft Launcher integrates too much, and Microsoft can’t wait to integrate all of its own applications into the Microsoft Launcher. For example, regular Microsoft application recommendation, Bing News, Bing search, Microsoft Cortana and even a series of Microsoft services such as notes are integrated into the launcher.

It is well-known editor Zach Bowden news release, Microsoft is likely to be removed from directly inside Microsoft Cortana in the recent release of Microsoft Launcher. Zach Bowden believes that Microsoft’s removal may be to enhance Cortana’s function, that is, to provide more convenient functions for Cortana and users through the standalone version.

This seems to be consistent with the Microsoft version of the new demo video that was leaked earlier, and the integrated Microsoft Cortana is not as rich in functionality as the standalone version. Of course, the Android user who uses the Microsoft Launcher recommends using the independent version of Cortana. The standalone version can be updated independently, so the new features are also faster. Removing Microsoft Cortana may also be helpful for the overall performance of the Microsoft Launcher, such as taking fewer resources and being more fluid.