Microsoft is pushing Bing’s InPrivate Search feature to Chromium Edge canary and Dev editions

Earlier, Microsoft has updated the privacy window of the Microsoft Edge browser, with new privacy window style improvements and reminding users to use this mode with confidence. In the latest improvements, Microsoft continues to strengthen the data transmission function in stealth mode, so that all data of users in stealth mode can be destroyed as much as possible. Of course, there are still some tracking scripts that may track users, so we need to strengthen anti-tracking with the built-in privacy protection function of the browser.

In this update, Microsoft added a Bing’s InPrivate Search feature to the incognito window. The Bing search here is not a placeholder but a special search mode for the incognito window. All data generated by users using Bing search in an incognito window will not be recorded by Microsoft servers, which means they will not be associated with individual users.

Microsoft also said that other data generated in incognito mode will delete personally identifiable information, ensuring that all traces will be erased when the user closes the incognito window. The above features have been pushed to the Microsoft Edge Canary and Dev versions, and the beta and stable channels are expected to be updated soon.

Via: techdows