Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Microsoft is not ready to make Windows 10 compatible with Apple’s new ARM-based Macs

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Apple’s full shift to ARM microarchitecture is indeed very shocking news for the industry. Of course, the news also stimulated many developers who use Windows.

On Intel chipsets, developers can install Windows through Boot Camp, and even build dual systems with macOS to switch at any time.

However, Apple has made it clear that this component is no longer provided on ARM devices, which also means that developers may no longer be able to directly install the Microsoft Windows operating system.

Of course, if Microsoft or Apple is willing to change, it will certainly be no problem, but for now, Microsoft and Apple have not changed their existing policies.

Apple’s new ARM-based Macs can also run Microsoft’s operating system through virtualization, but it may be difficult to install directly on the physical machine.

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However, Microsoft has also launched the Windows 10 ARM version to support Qualcomm processors. In theory, this version is also compatible with Apple’s self-developed ARM chip.

The problem is that in reply to a request for comment from media, Microsoft has made it clear that the Windows 10 ARM version is only for OEM partners in terms of licensing.

In other words, developers and users can’t buy this version from Microsoft. In theory, it can’t be used without Microsoft’s authorization.

Of course, if you want to download and install it yourself, it’s not impossible, but without Apple’s support, it may also be a big problem in terms of drivers.

Another important issue if you want to install Windows 10 ARM version on Apple’s new ARM-based Macs is that the driver must be able to recognize normal compatibility.

Since the chip was developed by Apple, the driver must also be developed by Apple. If Apple is not willing to develop a compatible driver, it may not be installed.

The current situation is that Microsoft is also reluctant to change for Apple, and after Apple turned to ARM, it has no plans to let users install the Windows system.

This situation may make it difficult for users to install Windows 10 on physical machines. Of course, virtual machines can be installed if users want.

Via: theverge