Microsoft is making the Chrome’s dark mode better on Windows 10

Microsoft is making the Chrome’s dark mode better on Windows 10

Microsoft already supports light and dark modes in Windows 10. At present, most mainstream software already supports the dark mode to improve user experience, but the dark mode of some software feels like a casual experience, which is actually very poor.

For example, the current dark mode experience of Google Chrome is very bad. It is said that the dark mode is available on settings only and some pages are dark and others are light.

This also causes some pages of the Microsoft Edge browser to not support automatic dark mode, so Microsoft engineers are helping Google Chrome browser to improve this problem.

After improvements by Microsoft engineers, Google Chrome has turned many parts into the dark mode, although some locations are still not supported.

The improved support for dark mode includes all internal pages of Google Chrome, such as the settings page, bookmark page, history, new tab page, and print page.

Unfortunately, some websites do not support dark mode scroll bars, so there are still some problems. For example, YouTube still has light scroll bars even when dark mode is enabled.

Microsoft engineers are also helping to solve this problem. Microsoft prefers to directly identify and improve the scroll bar through the browser, such as automatically turning it into a dark scroll bar.

The current solution has been tested in the Google Chrome Canary version, and it is expected that these new changes will arrive in the stable version of Google Chrome around the beginning of next year.

Of course, Microsoft engineers helped solve the Chromium project, so the Microsoft Edge browser will also get these new improvements after the improvements are completed.

Via: WindowsLatest