Microsoft is collecting activity history despite being disabled

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Since the Windows 10 April Update, Microsoft’s new timeline feature is designed to help users synchronize their activity records across multiple different devices.

Of course, users can turn off this feature in the settings if they don’t need it. After shutting down, Windows 10 will no longer upload user records to the Microsoft server.

However, unfortunately, some netizens found that the settings in Windows 10 are displayed, even if the activity record is unchecked, it will still be uploaded to the server.

Under normal circumstances, users can uncheck the activity record information sent to Microsoft in Windows 10 Settings – Privacy – Activity History.

In addition to the above options, there are settings for diagnostic data in the privacy diagnosis and feedback, including basic diagnostic data and complete diagnostic data sent to Microsoft.

Reddit users found that even if the activity history is unchecked and the basic diagnostic data is set, the timeline function of Windows 10 is still normal.

Chrome Timeline Support

According to the EU General Data Protection Regulations, users can control their own data usage rights, and enterprises must not collect data privately in violation of the user’s will.

If a company violates the General Data Protection Regulations, it can be fined up to 20 million euros or 4% of last year’s operating income.

Although the General Data Protection Act is primarily aimed at users in the European Union, it is clear that global users need this regulation to protect their private information.

A number of netizens on Reddit said they should let the EU launch a GDPR survey with Microsoft because they can only comply with user agreements if they are sued and severely punished.