Microsoft has introduced the Linux subsystem for Windows Server

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Windows, Linux seems to be a rival, but in fact, Microsoft still very supports for open source industry, Windows 10 system for the first time built a Linux subsystem (Windows Subsystem for Linux / WSL), allowing developers to simulate the Linux environment, and Need to be able to direct from the Windows application store to download SUSE, Ubuntu.

Today, Microsoft has also introduced the Linux subsystem for Windows Server server systems for the first time and has been open to Windows Insider users. If you install Build 16237 or update the preview version of Windows Server 2016, you can open this door to Linux, and in essence is a Linux virtual machine, you can perform general tasks, such as SSHD, MySQL, etc., but can not continue Run the Linux backend service.

This means that you can only experience Linux in the Windows server to simulate the development, but will not get a Linux server. The Linux subsystem on Windows 10 has recently been out of the beta test phase, fully mature, Microsoft is also working with more Linux distributors, to support more releases. Until the September fall of Windows 10 creative update, all users can directly access the Linux subsystem.


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