September 25, 2020

Microsoft has added tracking prevention for Microsoft Edge browser

1 min read

Netizens using Firefox should know that Firefox has built-in ad blockers, and it is a blocking tool for ad tracking networks. This interception tool mainly provides users with strict, balanced and basic modes, which can intercept the advertisement tracking network and directly kill a lot of advertising content. It seems that Microsoft is interested in this feature of Firefox, so now Microsoft is adding almost identical features to the Microsoft Edge browser.

Once users upgrade the latest version of Microsoft Edge Canary, you can manually turn on the privacy protection that is currently being tested. The options offered by Microsoft are basic, balanced, and strict, with the balanced mode blocking targeted ads but allowing targeted ads to be released. The basic mode is only used to intercept trackers with malicious behavior, while the strict mode is to indiscriminately intercept all trackers and even cause website anomalies. For most users, you only need to set it to the equalization mode. If necessary, you can add a URL whitelist for exception operations.

In the address bar, enter edge://flags#edge-tracking-prevention to open the experimental settings page. Click the dropdown and choose Enabled, then click the Relaunch Now button to close all Microsoft Edge windows and relaunch Microsoft Edge.