Fri. Aug 7th, 2020

Microsoft Excel reaches over 1 billion times installation in the Play Store

1 min read

As early as Windows Phone was strongly supported by Microsoft, almost no one thought that Microsoft’s own production applications would one day be able to enter Android smartphones. And now with the disappearance of Windows Phone in history until 2019, Microsoft has become a major player in the Android market, almost all Microsoft Office applications are available in the Google Play store, and the company even recently showed the built-in Android system foldable Dual-screen smartphone Surface Duo.

Microsoft Excel recently achieved 1 billion installs in the Google Play Store. This is an amazing number. However, Microsoft’s Excel application is not the first application to achieve this milestone, a few months ago, Word and OneDrive installed on Android reached 1 billion. The 4.5/5 rating indicates that users are very happy with them.