Microsoft Edge dev and Canary version frequently appears profile error windows

Under normal circumstances, the development and canary version of the software mean that it has not been rigorously tested, so it is quite normal that some strange problems sometimes occur.

Therefore, if users pursue stability, they should not use the beta version, so as not to affect normal use due to problems in the beta version, such as Microsoft’s browser.

There is an unexpected error in both the Microsoft Edge browser development version and the Canary version. When users upgrade to the latest version, there may be frequent profile errors.

The current profile errors in Microsoft browsers mainly affect the development version and the Canary test version, and the stable version channel will not have this error.

It is not yet clear what caused this error, but the Microsoft Edge browser also supports multi-user profiles to facilitate users to switch roles on the browser.

Obviously, this error is related to the multi-user profile file, but it seems that users who have not configured a multi-user account may also encounter this somewhat strange error message.

But since using the beta version to encounter such problems is actually very common, especially the canary version has a higher probability of various errors and may affect the user’s use.

At present, the Microsoft browser development team has been aware of the problem and has started to fix it. Some user tests have found that the error can be resolved after reinstalling the Microsoft Edge browser.

Microsoft has also released a new version to solve this problem. If the user’s development version or canary version is not the latest version, please manually check for updates.

Via: techdows