Microsoft brings vertical tabs feature to the Microsoft Edge browser

Microsoft is currently migrating some of the features of the classic Microsoft Edge browser to the new version, such as the highly anticipated vertical tabs.

The vertical tab function means that the tabs are arranged vertically on the left, and the top bar of the browser window only displays the title of the currently active tab, which is relatively more concise.

And if the user opens multiple tabs at the same time, it is easier to switch by viewing the title on the left side, which is much more convenient than displaying multiple tabs at the top.

Microsoft Edge vertical tabs

Vertical tabs also makes it easier than ever to manage your tabs. Here’s a few things you can try:

  • Reorder and manage multiple tabs at once: Select multiple tabs at once by holding down either Ctrl or Shift and clicking on the tabs you want to manage. From here, you can reorder the tabs, drag them into a new window, or even close, refresh, duplicate, pin, or mute them all at once.
  • Mute noisy tabs: Quickly silence tabs playing audio in the background by clicking on the speaker icon Icon3.png. This makes it easy to mute noisy tabs without leaving the tab you’re on.
  • Pin your favorite tabs: Do you frequently rely on certain websites? Right-click on the tab and select pin Icon4.png to move it to a dedicated section at the top of the tab list so the site is always just a click away. Edge will even remember your pinned tabs across browser sessions

Currently, this feature is only available in the Microsoft Edge Canary. If you are already using the Canary, please upgrade this version to the latest version first.

Then go to the appearance settings of the browser settings, enable Show vertical tab buttons under the custom toolbar, and then click the button in the upper left corner to turn it on.

Via: ZDNet