Microsoft Authenticator now supports auto-filling of address and payment information

Microsoft Authenticator is a multi-factor authentication tool launched by Microsoft. It supports tap verification, digital verification, and dynamic code verification of Microsoft accounts.

It supports standard multi-factor authentication schemes for other accounts. At the same time, the Microsoft Authenticator also supports a password manager function that can store passwords across platforms, etc.

In the latest version, Microsoft brings new features to the authenticator: cross-platform address and payment information auto-fill. This feature can simplify the user’s shopping experience. The so-called payment information is the user’s credit card number, expiration date, and security code, etc.,

The password manager included in Microsoft Authenticator can already be synchronized across platforms, including connecting to Microsoft Edge or supporting Google Chrome through extensions.

In Microsoft’s own browser, if the user has filled in the address on the shopping website, including name, address, mobile phone number, email, etc., they will be prompted whether to record.

Payment information such as credit card number, expiration date, and security code will also be prompted to record. If the user agrees to record, the data will be encrypted and saved to the Microsoft cloud.

In this way, auto-filling can be realized in Microsoft Authenticator, including but not limited to auto-filling in desktop or mobile terminals, and in some apps.

However, due to permission issues on the iOS system, the above information needs to be manually copied in the authenticator and then manually pasted on the corresponding page before it can be used.

Via: mspoweruser