Microsoft Announces Office 365 Home Subscription Edition Cancels Device Installation Limit

Microsoft Announces Office 365 Home Subscription Edition Cancels Device Installation Limit

Recently, Microsoft officially revised the Microsoft Office 365 subscription service agreement. This agreement update is mainly for the subscription version of individuals and families.

The original Microsoft Office 365 Home Subscription Edition can only install five devices per account, and the Personal Subscription Edition can just be installed on one device.

The specific changes after the revision of this service agreement are as follows:

1. The family subscription version cancels the five installation limit and can be installed and used on an unlimited number of devices, but the number of online users is still limited to prevent malicious use.

2. The family subscription version initially changed the limit of supporting at least five devices online at the same time to 6 units, that is, the family subscription version now supports six people at the same time.

3. The personal subscription version initially only supports installation on one device and one online at the same time. After this change, the installation restriction is cancelled but there is still one online.


Cancel the installation restrictions Microsoft is not afraid of being maliciously used?

Although the Microsoft Office 365 Personal and Family Subscription Edition cancels the installation limit, it limits the number of simultaneous online and therefore will not be exploited maliciously.

There is a limit to the use of offline Microsoft Office 365 software features that are not logged in. If you have not logged in for more than 30 days, you must log in or read-only.

Therefore, this cancellation of the cap will not cause Microsoft Office 365 to be maliciously exploited. Microsoft has naturally considered this situation before the revision of the service agreement.

What are the substantial benefits of this change:

The most significant difference for this change for the family subscription version is that the 5-person usage is increased to 6 people, and the number is increased with the same subscription price.

If the device installation limit is cancelled, it is considered that some users often log in on multiple devices, because more and more users store documents in the Microsoft cloud.

For users to read files on other computers, you need to log in to your Microsoft Office 365 account or log in to the web version of Office 365.

Rather than cancelling the number limit, Microsoft still has a limit on the number of lines, which makes it easier for this part of users to use the software.