Fri. Jul 10th, 2020

Microsoft acknowledges lost files bug in KB4532693 update and issues a temporary solution

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The KB4532693 update for Windows 10 1903/1909 is a cumulative update from Microsoft this month to address some known issues with the system.

But it was no surprise that the update brought new problems while fixing the old ones, and the problem this time was relatively serious: deleting personal files.

Strictly speaking, user files are not deleted but are hidden during the update process, but it is really difficult for users to directly recover these files.

When deploying the update, Microsoft will first create a temporary account and place user data in the temporary account. After the update is complete, the data will be transferred back and the temporary account will be deleted.

Windows 10 mapped network drive

However, the failure problem this time will still move the user files to the temporary account, but after the update is completed, the user data is not transferred back normally.

This looks like it is directly deleting the user’s various files. Although the files can be restored through the registry and complex modification steps, the operation is more difficult.

So the easiest way is to uninstall this update directly. Some affected users have already thought of successfully getting back their personal data after uninstalling this update.

At present, Microsoft has confirmed the problem in the Microsoft community and provides users with a recovery solution. Microsoft writes:

Microsoft is aware of some customers logging into temporary profile after installing KB4532693, on both versions 1903 and 1909.

  • Rebooting into Safe Mode* and then starting back in normal Mode should resolve this issue for most customers.
  • You may uninstall any secure banking software or anti-virus in the temporary profile which may resolve this if the above steps do not help.

*To boot into Safe mode, Click Shift+Restart button on the login screen, select Advanced options>Startup Settings>Select 1 for the booting to safe mode. Restarting the computer should start the computer in normal mode. For booting into Safe mode, you would be asked for a password instead of a PIN if you have set.