Maxthon browser

Maxthon browser official release


Maxthon is a state-of-the-art, multi-platform web browser that regularly outperforms other top browsers and offers users a seamless browsing and sharing experience.


  • Super-Fast
    Dual Rendering Engines, Displaying pages in no time: Smart switch between Webkit & Trident, balance both read speed and multi-element page content
  • Super-Clean
    Web with no ads, no more annoying disturbing.
    Kill floating window, banner, and pop-up ads. Give you a smooth browsing experience
  • Super-Download
    Easy to download videos on web, offline viewing at anytime Videos, pictures and music, download them all with 1 simple click

Maxthon browser

Maxthon team officially released the Maxthon browser version, the detailed version number upgrade to, this version mainly to fix bugs, but also brought several new features, such as compatible mode, select IE version Function; the main menu to increase the upgrade reminder function; optimize login registration panel error message copy; installation program to increase abp extended installation options.

The team had previously promised that there will be a new version of the Quick Access page, and it will also support customization.

Changelog v5.1.6.1:

+ Added IE version selection in compatibility mode

+ Main menu to increase upgrade reminder function

+ Optimization Login Registration Panel error message copy

+ Installer to increase abp extended installation options

This update addresses the following issues:

– Fix the problem that the favorites bar shows abnormal after windowed browser

– Repair incompatible problems in compatibility mode access to Maoming City Real Estate Authority administration oa system

– Fixed a situation where Iki’s video was playing for a blank screen in some cases

– Fixed international version of the tick “Show history entries in the matching list” does not display the history of the entry

– Fixed an issue that enabled sms verification and device view recording to not respond after clicking

– Fixed browser in the case of full-screen exit will create a few windows in the taskbar and can not be closed

– Repair Battle Network password master password management interface can not be displayed properly

– Fixed the problem of adding a local html format file to my site can not click open

– Repair multiple computers after the synchronization is not consistent collection of the problem

– Fixed an issue where the next page could not be loaded in reading mode

– Fixed an issue where the system screensaver failed after starting the browser under certain conditions

– Fixed an issue where a blank window appeared after dragging a new tab as a separate window under certain conditions

– Fix the problem that the order of the favorites imported from IE is different from that of IE favorites

– Fixed an incomplete copy of address bar URL

– Fixed Iki’s video pop-up window after the ribbon display is not complete

– Fixed the problem that the Sina Weibo plugin came crashing in some cases


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